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A Revolutionary Nasal Dressing in the world of ENT


Nov-Dec 2010

A revolutionary Nasal Dressing in the world of ENT


"Next generation packing" A unique bioresorbable synthetic foam for the nasal cavity

Nasopore® being the latest innovation in nasal dressings, not only avoids the drawbacks associated with conventional packs but also offers additional benefits:


Nasopore® is biodegradable synthetic polyurethane foam. It is available in different lengths and can be easily cut to the appropriate size depending on the application. This biologically inert foam is a highly interconnected porous structure with a rapid and high absorbent capacity (up to 25 times its weight).

Prevents formation of postsurgical adhesions

Nasopore® separates mucosal surfaces during the critical, early days of post sinus surgery when mucosal swelling is heightened. By keeping mucosal tissue separated, NASOPORE® prevents formation of post-surgical adhesions in the nasal cavity.

Natural drainage

Nasopore® slowly starts to fragment whilst still offering sufficient wound support during the critical healing period. During this period it does not swell and so will not hinder natural drainage. After fragmentation Nasopore® will be drained from the nasal cavity via natural pathways without any pain. Daily spraying with saline solution is recommended in the first week after surgery to fasten the fragmentation and to reduce the risk of infection.

Key Benefits

  • Fully synthetic foam - clinically proven to be biologically inert.

  • Gentle compression during a period of 36 - 48 hours after insertion.

  • Biodegradable property results in rapid and uniform fragmentation.

  • Easily manipulated to allow optimum placement within the nasal cavity.

  • Retains its position after insertion and does not swell.

  • Valuable wound support during the critical healing period.

  • The unique structure has a proven high absorption capacity, being able to absorb up to 25 times its original weight.

  • Prevention of adhesions after nasal and sinus surgery - can be used to medialize the middle turbinate and septum – and prevent lateralization.

  • No need for post-operative removal.

  • Atraumatic and comfortable for patients.

Various study results indicate that the use of the new fragmentable nasal dressing is efficient, increases comfort for the patient and lowers the risk of epistaxis, thereby avoiding new wounds in the nasal cavity as associated with the removal of non-fragmentable nasal dressings.

About NexusNovus

NexusNovus Tech Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo- Dutch company that offers quality Import – Distribution Solutions and Consultancy Services for firms with the ambition to tap into the rapidly growing Indian market through unparalleled services ranging from exploration to implementation. It has a strong focus on bringing high quality, innovative healthcare products from Europe to India. They are now proud to introduce Nasopore® into the Indian market and are the exclusive importers for the same.

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