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Deal with High blood pressure

Dr. Deepika Malik



Jan-Feb., 2011


As an Ayurvedic physician and a diet expert I am very much concerned about conservation of health. Ayurved presumes that improper dietary habits give rise to various disorders. With practice of dietary measures recommended in Ayurveda while elaborating ‘Medoroga Chikitsa’(weight loss) will definitely beneficial in weight reduction. It will be helpful to minimize the risk of fatty cholesterol deposits and will prevent complication of high blood pressure.

You can improve your lifestyle and remove unnecessary stress by following some simple rules

  • Take high fiber low fat diet.
  • Coffee may increase your blood pressure. Coffee, which contains caffeine, enhances the action of adrenaline and nor adrenaline and both are important in increasing blood pressure levels.
  • Cigarette smokers tend to have high blood pressure. Nicotine increases the resting heart rate and increases the release of the adrenaline substances that tends to increase blood pressure. Cigarette smoking alone significantly increases risk of having heart attack.
  • Regular Exercise helps to eliminate body fat, lower total cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol that prevents fatty - cholesterol deposits. According to Ayurveda exercise improves the body, depletes excess fats, brings lightness of the body.
  • Be cool don’t get annoyed, speaking loudly and rapidly can significantly raise your blood pressure Chronic anger produces elevation in blood pressure and it can be a serious risk factor for coronary - heart - disease. So be cool, speak softly and gently
  • Laughter is the best medicine: - Laughter is as good as relaxation therapy, exercise or other methods used to overcome stress. Study shows that laughter decreases adrenaline and cortisol production. Laughter can help you if you are having high blood pressure. If you are frustrated, unhappy, angry, just laugh and find yourself away from rage. It is of the effective medicine you always have with you, without spending a penny for it.
  • Meditation: - Try to ease yourself with meditation and by performing yogic asana like Shavasana. Amla is considered an effective remedy for high blood pressure. It tones up the function of all the organs of the body and buildup health by destroying anti-oxidants.