Cover Story

Cancer does not mean Cancel

Dr Rishikesh R Pandya

Consultant UroOncologist / Urologist Fortis Hospital, Mulund and Kalyan, Mumbai

March-April, 2011

Medgate today Magazine

Technology has changed the way we do surgeries, applying the most suitable and the right technique is what the skill is about. Robot assisted Laparoscopic surgeries, Laparoscopic surgeries and new techniques in Open surgeries are great developments in Urology but to put them to optimal use we need the right kind of patients otherwise doing it for the sake of using technology but not on an appropriate patient can bring disrepute to the surgery and the technology. Awareness and patient education holds the key to this success.

For patients with terminally ill diseases we do not have a support system for the end of life care. As a Cancer care provider I try and put efforts to make my patients and their families to sail through the rough time of losing a dear one with as less overall pain as possible.

I have a network of this patients group who participate actively in counseling and educating fellow patients. This is one of my ambitions to increase the group to such a large proportion to support as many patients as we can. Currently I offer my services as Consultant UroOncologist and Urologist through the Fortis group of hospitals in Mumbai... Read more...