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Mr. BIMAL JHAVERI (Managing Director)


Medgate today

Q. 1)Rise in demand of hospital consumable & Disposables ,What challenges you observed?

  • Due to Increasing populations, improvements in medical technology and knowledge has caused the rise in demands of medical consumables supplies. ii) Majorly of all top graded hospitals are concentrating on Premium & foreign patients for which they require world class facility including latest & fastest technologies, Foreign accreditations & certifications, disposable consumables to prevent HAI which leads to prolonged stay in Hospitals for patients. iii) With support of Mediclaim facility booming,the awareness of using disposables had also increased, irrespective of total billing of hospital to be paid by an individual. iv) As a mandatory norms of infection preventions, now the Indian government is also raising concern about using disposables in respective depts. A bulk purchase of disposables is floated in annual tenders.

Q. 2) What are role of disposable products in hospital acquired infections
  • First and foremost Disposables provides the best possible protections for the Healthcare professional, i.e the surgeon, the caregiver, i.e. the nurse and finally the patient himself/herself.
  • The organized manufacturer of disposables maintains all the norms of infection control during manufacturing there goods.,As a result there is a mutual benefit provided between a patient and a user resulting in zero infection. iii) Using disposables during intra-operative procedures provides comfort & convenience to user and also earns the confidence by providing the consistent protections.

Q. 3)What are your future plans?
  • To develop awareness of disposables in unreached parts of our country.
  • Conduct educational & awareness program for using disposables,which in turn will reduce the infection related issues in many segments.
  • To provide the best quality services to healthcare industry. iv) Meet the demands of customers by providing consistent supplies.

Q. 4) What is the market of disposable products in India?
  • Indian disposable medical supplies demand is rising14.3 percent annually. Syringes and inhalers, IV and urinary catheters, hemodialysis bloodlines, peritoneal dialysis kits, tissue sealants, biological wound dressings, Class IV garments and textiles, and blood glucose test strips will be among the fastest growing products. It will present historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., drug delivery devices, wound management supplies, nonwoven medical disposables, diagnostic and laboratory disposables, infection prevention supplies, surgical disposables), market (e.g., hospital, home health care, outpatient, physicians’ office, nursing home, dental office) and raw material (e.g., plastic resins, nonwoven fabrics, paper and paperboard, rubber).