Cdr.Manoj Kumar,Hitex Healthcare Industry Expert in Infection control.


Medgate today

“Tell us a little about yourself? I am from the armed forces background. I had a long innings spanning more than two decades in Indian Navy. I took premature retirement and moved in to the corporate world. I must admit that the transition was not smooth. After working in several different fields ranging from education to energy, I took on the demanding assignment to set up a greenfield healthcare project.”

Since you are from defense background, how would you say you have implemented the values & rules of the defense services in to your business? It is not the question of rules! It is the discipline that is important. Creating Standard Operating Procedures for each department is of paramount importance. Having created such SOP’s, the next challenge is to ensure implementation and follow up at each level. What Armed Forces have taught is to lead by setting examples. I believe in hands on approach, do it myself before I expect any one from my team to execute the particular task. I also encourage brain storming, pushing my team to think out of the box and come up with exciting new approach.

Please shed some light on the company’s journey since inception. How is HitexHealthcare serving healthcare industry? Hitex Healthcare is a part of Dina International, having its global headquarters at Moscow, Russia. The group turnover is in excess of 100 million USD. Dina International has many verticals like Turnkey Hospital Projects, Trading, Manufacturing etc. Dina-Hitex based in Czech Republic, started manufacturing disposables apparels in Europe and today after two decades, they are one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Since our promoters are of Indian origin, they decided to launch Hitex products in India.

In 2011, the promoters invested in two manufacturing plants, which are located in Una, Himachal Pradesh and Gandhidham, Gujarat. Once we had built the factories with 100,000 D class clean rooms, we brought semi-automatic drape manufacturing machines from Europe. Today in India, this machine remains the only one of its kind and produces excellent consistent quality of drapes that are required for various medical procedures. After we started production, we have received all kind of quality certifications, including ISO and expect CE in next few months. We are manufacturing all the drapes and packs in clean room as per the EN 13795 norms.

The promoters have the intention to provide the same quality in India as they do in European market. Life in India is as precious as in Europe ! The aim is to provide world class products at affordable prices which can contribute in bringing down the cases of Hospital Acquired Infection. Our products are designed to ensure safety and comfort to patients and their healthcare providers, who are surgeons and other hospital staff as well as to protect the expensive equipments.

about your upcoming products? Dina Hitex has been focusing on R&D ever since it started operations. Our team regularly visits the leading hospitals to understand the needs of the surgeon and OR staff. Based on the inputs, products are designed with the correct raw material. In turn, we interact with machine manufacturers to develop customize machines for drape manufacturing, fluid collection pouches etc . One of the researches currently in progress is to use modified cellulose in drapes. Dina Hitex has tied up with a leading medical research company in France and has started marketing the advanced Margin drapes in CABG and other cases in Europe.