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Barco makes debut at AMICON 2016



Barco makes debut at AMICON 2016

Barco makes debut at AMICON 2016

    On July 30 and 31 next, the ICSR Auditorium IIT Madras in Chennai (India) welcomed hundreds of medical professionals specializing in oncology for the Amicon conference. As imaging is becoming an increasingly important aspect of cancer diagnosis and therapy, Barco was present at the conference as well for the very first time.

    The future of oncology :

    AMICON, or the Advanced Onco Imaging Conference, was organized by the department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Apollo Cancer Hospitals, in association with Chennai Subchapter of TN&PY IRIA and IIT Madras. The goal? To inform postgraduates, radiologists and surgical and medical oncologists of the latest imaging technologies on a cellular and functional level. To achieve this, the organization lined up an impressive number of national and international speakers and hands-on workshops.

Imagining Uniti

    For the first time ever, Barco also had a booth at the event as well, together with software partner Modi Medicare. Here, Barco demonstrated both the Eonis 24” clinical display and the Coronis Uniti multimodality display system. In addition, Barco also lends four monitors to the organizing committee to be used during the imaging workshop.
    “AMICON is an important event, not just for oncologists, but for the future of cancer research, diagnosis and therapy in general,” says Mr. Vivekanand, Country Director at Barco India. “We’re honored to be a part of this wonderful conference, and happy that we can lend a helping hand.”
    “Barco is taking the steps to educate and make the users aware about the benefits that good medical grade displays provide and also ensuring better image quality of Healthcare diagnosis. By supporting the workshop, Barco commits itself to growing productivity needs of the radiology and oncology departments.”. Continues Mr. Vivekanand