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AMTZ international summit held at Medica, Germany


Medgate today Magazine

• Dusseldorf, Germany: Govt. of Andhra Pradesh officails and the senior management led an “exclusive investors meet” at Medica on 15th Nov at Dusseldorf, Germany. Medica is world’s largest and most attended medical devices expo.

Since the foundation ceremony of AMTZ done by CM Chandrababu Naidu on 19th August 2016, the park has seen a steady stream of manufacturers. The zone held its first international summit at Dusseldorf where the AMTZ delegation is participating. The delegation has Principal Secretary Dr. Poonam Malakondaiah, AMTZ CEO Dr. Jitendar Sharma, Vice-Presidents – Judish Raj and Manish Gangal from Andhra Med Tech Zone. The summit also had participation from Vice-Counsel from Consulate General of India, at Germany- Mr TS Ramesh and officials of Indian Trade Promotion Organization(ITPO).
The Summit was attended by a large number of companies- both national and international. After an interactive session, the AMTZ project was applauded by the med tech industry as the first of the kind medical devices park. The park will provide for all capital intensive scientific facilities required by most medical device manufacturers and modern state of art 180-200 independent manufacturing units, with varying sizes of 0.25 acre,0.5 acre and 1 acre. AMTZ would include facilities such as Component Testing centre, Electro-magnetic interference laboratory, Medical grade low vacuum molding, cabinet molding, injection molding centres, 3 D designing and printing for medical grade products, Sterilization & Toxicity testing centre, Radiation testing centre, Gamma Irradiation facility, Rapid Prototyping Centre, Warehousing and Regulator’s office.
Speaking to media, Advisor to Govt. of AP and CEO of AMTZ Dr. Sharma said that the response from Industry has been very encouraging and 10% of the proposed factories have already been booked since 2nd Oct when the booking was launched. The zone has received applications from some of the largest companies. Medica Press covered the summit which saw tredemdous support from Indian Trade Promotion Organziation (ITPO) and Association of Indian Medical Device Manufacturers (AIMED).

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